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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How I made the latest base design.

Latest Base Design How-To
 First you take a 3"X4" Ultra-Pro Deck Sleeve
 Next you place it in a paper trimmer with the welded edge closest to the the blad hinge so it gets cut first. The right way to cut it is to bring the blade down quickly as going slow will cause the sleeve to buckle and not cut properly.(I learned the hard way!)

 The two identical photos above show the sleeve cut in half lengthwise. You will note the welded edge on the right side of the remaing sleeve. you wany to cut it off and cut the sleeve to just a hair under 3.5"
 The finished sleeve now looks like this above.
 Now you take some double sided mounting squares, use at least two, and stick them on the base. then you position the sleeve over the base and when its pretty close you press one side down and then the other. You don't want it flush because the weld is almost 1/8" and the card won't fit past that, so you want to place the welded edge over beyond the side of the base. Also note here that I have trimmed the corners from the bottom plastic so it is easier to lift up the edge with your fingernail and insert the card.
And voila, the unit card fits perfectly on top of the base and inside the sleeve and there is plenty of room to write game info on the card without actually marring the card. The bit of welded edge that hangs over the back won't be a problem if the unit is charged in the rear as the other bas will fit neatly underneath it. Two cards back to back would be a slight problem, but since I have never seen that happen in any game it shouldn't be a problem. If it ever does happen you can deal with it amicably I'm sure.

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