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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An Elvish Tete D' Tete

 The purpose of this post is to showcase my new battleboard. It is a 3'X4' magnetic dri-erase board that I bought off Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0016T9TQU/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

 Here I have set up a sample battle with lots of terrain. This is the situation: The Dark Elves are besieged by the High Elves in a fortress. The High Elves need to bring up a Scorpion quickly to reduce the fort before Dark Elf reinforcements can battle their way through and lift the siege. Dark Elf Dragon Riders have spotted the Scorpion column making its way along a road beside a river at the base of a cliff and are sending a small force to try and destroy the hated Scorpion. The High Elves have a 2000 point escort composed of Bowriders, Knights, Swordsmen, the Scorpion, Battlemages, Bowmen, and the rear is held up by Elder blade wielding Rangers. The Dark Elves have sent the best force they could assemble on short notice, though it is only a 1500 point force composed of a Dusk Lord at the very top of the map and hiding behind the hill are Lashmistresses, dragon Riders, and a unit of Coven. Manning the barricade in the road is a unit of lowblood spears.
On turn one the column approaches the roadblock cautiously as the Elven general Akbar yells, "It's a trap!" On the Dark Elf turn they come over the ridge and open up ineffectively on the High Elven column as the Lash Mistresses fail to do even one point of damage on the scorpions and the Dusk Lord does only one point. To make matters worse, the Bowriders disrupt the Spearmen manning the barricade.
The next turn the High Elven column swings into action! The Bowriders charge the barricade in an attempt to open a path for the Scorpions but the spearmen hold, the Knights and Swordsmen also leave the road and begin moving to charge the threats from the hill. Behind the Scorpions the Battlemages turn on the Dusklord whilst the bowmen open up on the Lashmistresses. The Rangers begin sneaking around for a flank surprise.

The Dark Elf turn finds the Lashmistresses focusing on their objective. the Lashmistresses attack the Scorpions again....This time they do five wounds with five dice and the scorpions are no more! The Dark Elves have saved the day and win!
Although this game was over quickly, it was only because of the excellent attack by the Lashmistresses, had the attack failed miserably, like on the previous turn, the Dark Elves would have been swarmed by the High Elves and the turn out might have been quite different.

The magnetic board
You will note in the first picture that I have the board at a 45 degree angle. I find that this is the most comfortable angle to play at. The magnetic "pins" work very well. They certainly are strong enough, if anything they are almost too strong, but once I have units on top of felt backed terrain they are perfect. All in all I am very happy with the magnetic board! It works extremely well for solitaire play and I hope to try it out soon in a two player game.

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