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Friday, January 13, 2012

A new variant - Affinity

Some scenarios are just more favorable for a certain faction or troop type. Ravenwood in their home forest, Orcs and Dwarves underground, Lizardmen in a swamp. Then there are certain situations like the troops are in a particularly do or die situation - backs against the wall and what not. Sometimes when designing a scenario you just want to show that a certain troop type happens to have the upper hand, like the superior air maneuverability of the Dark Elf Drakeriders vs. the Ancient Red Dragon.

To adress this variant need I offer the "Affinity." An Affinity is defined by scenario only and should not be construed as a permanent change, as such an ability would require a different point cost for the unit. This variant is for flavor purposes only and is not intended to address fairness or balance.

Courage checks Caused by a unit with an active Affinity are at -1 Courage.
Courage checks Taken by a unit with an active Affinity are at +1 Courage.
If opposing units are both under the effects of an active Affinity then the only modifier that is applied is the +1 for Courage checks taken.
Units with an active Affinity ignore Fearsome and Terror abilities.

If it is a terrain based affinity it is active if at least half of the unit is in the terrain, the opposing unit's terrain is not considered unless the enemy unit occupies a terrain or map area for which a unit or faction has designated as Sacred Affinity.

A Conditional Affinity is active if the condition is met. Airborn Combat Affinity is an example of a Conditional Affinity

A Battle Affinity is always active. Underground Affinity  is an example of a Battle Affinity if the scenario takes place underground. Mutual Animosity Affinity is an example of a Battle Affinity that is possessed by both combatants. Two factions that possess a Mutual Animosity Affinity is a battle that is going to be very sanguinious. Two opposing units can also have a Mutual Animosity Affinity which means that if they end up engaged their affinity will be active, but it has no other effect, i.e. they won't necessarily seek each other out, but if they do end up in combat with each other, then the affinity will be active.

I am posting this hoping that others will try it and share their experiences with me on the BG forums where this will be posted http://yourmovegames.com/forum/index.php/topic,4706.new.html#new

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