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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Orc commanded DE vs. Hawkskold

Here the battle opened. Map was 5B? Hill with woods on top. Scenario was Total Annihilation with the special condition of fresh troops which means every unit was at +1MC until wounded. The Hawks had spearmen/great swordsmen/heavy infantry/Heavy Infantry/militia/Spearmen in the front row and heavy infantry/knights in the back row. DE had Dusk Lancers on the far left flank, and a row of four low bloods in the front line with halfbloods edged out slightly behind and a coven and Lords of Dusk behind the Lowbloods.

After setup the Dusk Lances can be scene moving out to the right to swing around the hill and take the hawks from the rear using that fresh troops speed.

As the lines converge the Orc commander of the Dark Elves realizes that he has made two errors besides the whole damn setup. The first is that Dusk Lances are not Wolf Riders and have nowhaere near the speed neccessary to pull off the maneuver required in timely fashion and the second is that the lowbloods will not last long enough even if they did get there sooner. James, with the Hawks on the other hand, plays a solid line which can now move 3.5 thanks to the special conditions and caps the militia at 3.5.

As the armies close I reflect that, as the Russians have general winter to forgive them their mistakes, I have Aliatrix to rescue me from my craven misdeeds through white hot dice as the Lowbloods inflict four wounds on the spearmen!

Aleatrix then follows with a four wound melee result for the Lords of Dusk who are beaten within three red boxes of their life by the knights, so Aleatrix punishes James by having them fail a 15 courage check by rolling a sixteen. In the ensuing free hacks the knights are forced to take another courage test and they fail that and so they poof in a fine pink mist!

The game that was quickly degenerating into a wholesale slaughter of Dark Elves is reborn for a few turns as the DE regroup and the Hawks reel from unbelievable dice.
Then the spearmen charge off the hill to engage the Dusk Lances on the flank and throw a shadow of dismay over the DE hopes which are slightly recharged when the spearmen, with circled courage, again fail a morale check and run from the lowbloods.

The Dusk Lances finally wipe out the spearmen and attempt to join the fray as the two lowbloods and the Lords of Dusk attempt to finish off the rest of the Hawks by themselves.

Man those damn spearmen just can't cut a break! On the following two turns the DE, who are all in the red, are eliminated and the Hawks with 700+ points are declared the victors with a marginal victory.

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