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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monsters and Mercenaries Subfaction: Demonic Summoners

Here is a Demons Subfaction that I came up with while kicking around some ideas about making an actual Demons Faction. It is basically a way to test the Summoning rules I came up with. Summoning units, while really cool sounding, has some inherent difficulties considering how to balance an army when units can just appear. I will not go so far as to say I've solved the problem, but I will say that I've come up with a possible solution and a way to playtest it by using the subfaction template. Obviously, were this to get the full go ahead and be given its own artwork and unique units it would be way cool, but before I suggest taking that step, I thought I'd come up with a viable proxy deck.

Start with the Monsters and Mercenaries deck. This subfaction uses all the factions specific cards.

The Faction Ability is called: Demonic Embrace - Spend a command action to mark one Demonic Embrace (Spoils) box to give the unit the Fearsome keyword. Spend a second Command Action to give the unit the Terror keyword. Erase one or two boxes to give the unit (+1)-/- per box. Only units that have Demonic Embrace boxes may recieve this ability.

To create a summoner card we will use the Healer Mage, and Healer Mages no longer exist for this faction, but a summoner costs 300 points and you may have a maximum of three. The stats remain the same, but we discard the healing ability and replace it with Summoner powers (explained below). The Demonic Summoner has one attack spell in addition to its summoning abilities.
The Enemy Within: Range 14" Indirect Fire
Target enemy unit makes a courage test, if it fails it immediately makes a full melee attack on itself. No cards may be played on this attack. This attack may not cause a courage check.

How to summon a Demon:
During the M&C phase a Summoner unit with the Hold Standing Order may mark off one of its green boxes and summon a lesser demon which appears adjacent to the summoner. Two Summoners that are adjacent to each other may each mark off a green box to summon a Greater Demon that appears adjacent to one of them. Three Summoners that are adjacent to each other may each mark off a green box to summon a Major Demon that appears adjacent to one of them.

Summoned Demons must be given the Close Standing Order and Command Actions may not be spent on them for any reason, nor may cards be played on them. The Demons will then move each turn as one of the summoner's units. It will FR any unit including units belonging to the Summoners faction! When a unit is destroyed the demon is removed from the board.

Any unit up to 150 points in value may be summoned as a lesser demon.
Any unit up to 350 points may be summoned as a Greater Demon.
Any unit up to 550 points may be summoned as a Major Demon.

When you summon a demon write SD on the card to note that it is a Summoned Demon.

You may summon as many Lesser and Greater Demons as you have available in your deck. The top limit is how many green boxes you have. Only one Major Demon may be summoned per game.
Units destroyed by demons count for victory purposes, as do demons the opponent destroys (but not those that destroy a unit and are eliminated).

When placing a demon make sure not to place it so that it FR's the summoners!

Demons retain none of their faction abilities, but retain all other abilities and keywords.

If you own other decks you may use any of those units as demons (Death Knights make really nasty Major Demons).

Yes, you may make elementalists Demons.

Note that the Ancient Red Dragon may not be a demon because it costs over 550 points...Come on, what'd you expect?

Havoc points may not be spent on Demons.

The Hill Giant always has range 21" as if two command actions had been spent.

Flying units will Fly to achieve their objectives, obviously landing to Final Rush.

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