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Friday, May 13, 2011

Monsters and Mercenaries Subfaction: Summoner Army Redux

I have playtested the Summoner faction a bit, and here is the latest and better organized, version.

Monsters and Mercenaries Subfaction: Summoner Army

Faction Ability - Demonic Embrace
Spend a Command Action and mark a spoils box to give a unit the Fearsome keyword. Spend another Command action and mark the second box to give the unit the Terror keyword. Erase one box to give unit (+1)-/- this combat. This replaces the M&M spoils ability.

New Unit that replaces Healer Mages: Demonic Summoner - Elite - 350 points
Summoner has same stats but no healing ability
Spell: The Enemy Within - Range 14" LOS Target must be unengaged
Target unit must take a courage test: Failure results in unit making a basic melee attack against itself.
Demonic Summoner has Summoning keyword.

Summoning: Once per turn, if a unit is on Hold, it may mark the requisite number of damage boxes and summon one unit, this does not cause a rout check. Checking last box eliminates summoning unit. Any type of unit that may be summoned may not be pruchased normally when building an army. When they enter play they must be placed within 2.5" of the summoning unit. The summoned unit may only be given the Close standing order, they may not be direct controlled, or have cards played on them unless the summoning unit is in good order (not routing and not engaged) but may have cards played on it as per normal. If it is engaged with a unit it is eliminated if the unit is eliminated.

If the required amount of damage boxes on the summoner are marked off the following demons may be summoned:

2: Half-Orc Spearmen
3: Earth Elemental (Sta-Puft marshmallow man)
6: Red Dragon
7: Ancient Red Dragon

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