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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A felted mapboard - En Cuarto!!!

I finally steeled my resolve and decided to dive in and construct a mapboard en cuarto - fancy talk for a map you can fold to one quarter size. This is great for storage and travel. I was going to do another tutorial but  I had about twenty photos, which when I got done loading and captioning led me to realize that I would need about twenty more to explain what I had done and so I decided to just show you the finished deal and if anybody is actually going to try and make one they can ask me any questions here. I'll save us all, okay, mostly me, a lot of time and effort.

A folded into quarter mapboard with a standard ruler for scale.

The mapboard open and ready for action!

From the underside you can see the two bi-fold pieces joined together along one half their length.

In the two photos above the board begins to be folded up.
In the two photos below you see the completed folding process.

Return to the top photo and see the finished effect.

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