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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dragon's Run Teaser

Welcome to Dragon's Run, the Battleground campaign system where players compete to find and bring home the latest eruption of Manna Crystals. Manna Crystals are the key to feeding the magic forge located within each Life Node. Each Life Node supports one realm in an otherwise inhospitable world. Each life Node contains a gate to a vale deep in a mountain range. The Vale is called Dragon's Run because of the Dragons which inhabit the mountains and covet the Manna Crystals themselves.
From time to time the Gate in each Life Node will glow brilliantly and signal the occurrence of a manna eruption and the denizens of the Life Node spring into action and ready an army to go and try to recover the Manna Crystals. The gates each create a portal near the site of a Manna Eruption and the various factions fight vigorous and no holds barred battle for the Manna Crystals, for they need them to maintain the Life Nodes or they will surely perish as the Nodes wink out of existence and they are left to the hardscrabble life in the wastes of Tanngrath.
There is only so much time before the dragons find out about the Manna Eruption and then they descend in a debacle called a storm-of-dragons. Never get caught in a SoD!
The gate is lit, the bells ring, you assemble your army, hie now to Dragon's Run!

Dragon's Run is under development and will be finished later this year.

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