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Friday, July 1, 2011

Mapboard for Major games!

Here is a regulation 30X36 inch map board
Here I have added two 10X30 inch add-ons by making a standard 20X30 inch mapboard and cutting it in half. 
The completed project at full size able to assimilate as much as 6000points per side!
For completeness, here is the mapboard all folded up and ready for travel as can by seen by it's hat.
Of course, this is a case of being all dressed up and having no place to go, as I can rarely get enough folks together to play a 2000 point game (i.e. me and James). However, I was making this mapboard with the Jersey boys in mind, so if any of them are daring enough to e-mail me their mailing address I'll ship it to them.

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  1. Are the separate boards connected somehow, or do they just butt up against each other? Do they get bumped apart much? This is a super neat idea. Brett (gpman)