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Monday, December 13, 2010

Lizardmen vs. Orcs trial scenario

Journal of Shree

We were dispatched to relieve our beloved city Ssral-Alass from the siege of the hated Orcs. Two days out our Raptor scouts reported an Orc force escorting one of their Goblin Bomb Chuckers to the forces sieging Ssrak-Alass. The machine could move but slowly and if we were to intercept with strength we were sure to bring about their ruin.

Immediately grasping the necessity of preventing this machine from joining the besiegers, I sent the Raptors out to harrasss them and hopefully bring them to ground where our heavier Tyrants could surround them and finish them off.

The Scenario set up looks like this and is composed of:
Lizardmen 1982points                           Orcs 1493
4 X Tyrant Warriors                              4 X Orc Crossbowmen
2 X Raptors                                          1 X Goblin Bomb Chucker
2 X Command Cards                            5 X Command Cards
Total Elimination If the Bomb chucker is destroyed the game ends immediately and the Lizardmen win.
To prevent the Orcs from escaping the Lizardmen have surrounded them. This is reflected in the setup which requires that all four board edges must have at least one unit edge touching them. All Lizardmen units must have at least one edge touching a map edge. All Lizardmen must start with a C SO and the Goblin Bomb Chucker (GBC) as its unit objective.
The Orcs must setup with the GBC in the center on top of the hill and all other units must be at least 7" from any map edge.

Turn 1:
The Orcs go first and fire at the advancing Lizardmen with their crossbows. This results in one damage. The GBC does 3 damage on a tyrant.

Sure enough, the Orcs set up a defence on  a lone hill top. Unfortunately, by the time the Tyrants were able to surround them they had had enough time to set up their most wicked war machine which played havoc with our ranks throughout the battle.

The Raptors charge first and are met by the Ferocity enhanced Orc Crossbows who need threes to hit!!!     0 hits!!!
We continued to close ranks all around them and their commander could be seen dashing madly about. Here directing the fearful machine, here joining the fray. Of note were the instances where he stood on the hilltop with his great whip, lashing his troops to greater ferocity.

On turn three there is general engagement. Raptor pack passes a morale check. One battle has Orcs with ferocity and eight dice also yield O wounds and another Orc with Frenzy gets 5wounds! GBC causes another three wounds to Tyrants who pass morale check.
GBC turns to face double pinching assault. The double pinch eliminated the Crossbowmen who in turn, eliminate the Raptors. The Raptors on the other side eliminate the Crossbowmen, but must test morale and fail. This is the only failed marale test all game!

The one Tyrant Final Rushes the GBC while the other FR's to its side and engages the crossbowmen who have turned to face. The GBC sirvives the first round of combat, succumbs to the second round, but it never fails a morale check!
In the final instance our Tyrants had pinched a group of Crossbowmen on both sides while our Raptors had them pinned in place on their front. Here the great Orc commander was at his finest. His troops never ran, but fought on. Even with a last effort just before he fell back with a few comerades to defend the machine, he charged forward and eliminated the Raptors that had insured his destruction. But it was not over, he was not done. He ferociously defended that machine. With one hand on his sword he held the Tyrants at bay, with his whip in the other hand he rallied his remaining troops around him until, at last, with a great groan, he fell prey to our renown tyrants. Although our raptors suffered horrible losses and our Tyrants also, as irreplaceable as they are, we destroyed that infernal weapon which would surely have spellt doom for our fair and beloved Ssrrak-Alass.

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