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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Terrain Bases et al.

                      I've decided to add card sleeves to my bases and foam core to my terrain.
 The tape is two sided poster tape, one side sticks like tape and the other like post-it notes, but a little stronger.            

                Here is the Dwarven player's eye view of the Dwarven defensive position.
                You can't even see the card sleeves once the cards are in them!                                               

                                       And here is the opponent's eye view.

When I cut these bases out I just measured one of each size and cut a few of each. They don't match up very well so I am going to trim them down a bit and cut some others to exact proprtions. As soon as I get to The Source (MFLGS) I'm going to pick up some blank unit counters and mount the counters that I printed from the site with the link to the right marked "needful game markers."

The main benefit to the unit and terrain bases is the added stability. No more cards and hills floating around. The other benefit is that it just looks cooler!

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