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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuck Box Blue Print

Here is a tuck box blue print. It is drawn on a 1 inch square graph paper. If you have trouble reading my handwriting it says 5 1/2" and 3 3/4". The brown lines are for cutting and the green lines are for scoring. Notice on the tabs in the center you make two 1" cuts and to the right you make one 1" cut and the horizontal is scored.


  1. Again... what was the material that you used and how do you score? (no pun intented....)

    Will the sleeves fit in the boxes?

  2. I used some packaging card stock thats about the heaviness of the covers of a pad notebook paper (in the US). It makes pretty loose boxes, a 1/4" of spare room, so I assume sleeves will fit. They are 1" thivk, so if you divide your cards up into two even piles you can tell right away if they'll fit. If it is not enough then you will want to increase the dimensions of the center piece and all the tabs to the right of it.
    Scoring: You can use the back of an X-acto knife or a dry ballpoint pen. Go lighter at first as you can always score deeper if it is not enough, but if you cut through or even over weaken it to the point it rips apart, then it can be a pain. I would test scoring on some excess card stock first until you get the feel. I score with a hobby tool that is essentially a dull needle with a handle.