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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Solitaire scenario development

I naively thought I was going to post a new solitaire battle scenario re-play tonight. What I think is going to happen is that I will post the design and development of a scenario.

Basic concept: A scenario that will lend itself ideally to solitaire play. Have an area that generates undead units that the player must destroy or fight through to stop the spawning process. I am hoping to capture the frenetic pace of a zombie invasion that can quickly get out of hand if not handled successfully.

Here is the basic set-up: A 2000 point Army (Dark Elf in this example) and three spawning points (Woods). The Undead move first and at the beginning of their turn one die is rolled for each spawning point. The die result generates a unit whivh is placed front edge at the front edge of the woods terrain and the unit is on Close. I have piled the unit types on the side for easy reference.  From bottom to top you have 1=Zombie trolls, 2=Skeleton Trolls, 3=Ghouls, 4=zombies, 5=Skeletons, and 6=nothing. On turn one I rolled two 3's and a 6, so there are ghouls coming out of each woods top and bottom and nothing in the middle. The player gets 2000 points and moves second. Here I have assigned the woods objectives ranging  from one at the top to three at the bottom. My four Levies are going for their opposite woods with the center two going for the center woods. Once a unit occupies the woods it stops spawning. If a unit is in the woods it heals a wound if Undead or it loses 1d2 wounds if it is the player's faction. If all woods are occupied the player wins the game as the spawning spell is broken.

           At the end of the first turn it looks like this:
The Dark Elf army is composed of:
1 Dusk Lords
1 Drake Riders
1 Pureblood Coven
1 Lashmistresses
1 Halfblood levy
3 Lowblood Levy
1 Premeditation
1 Card
1998 points

At the end of turn one the Drake Riders are seen heading off to their objective which is the corner of the map and the ghouls at the bottom of the photo have taken three damage from the Dusk Lords.

                                                         Turn 2 sees the general engagement joined!

The Lashmistresses have pulled the Skeleton Trolls that were generated this turn into the Lowblood Levy and set up a pinch next turn by the other Lowblood Levy.

Things are going well, but....

Turn three sees another three units and one of those is another Skeleton Troll!
I can see where this is going and decide to end it here and go back to the drawing board.

First play summary thoughts:
It may be hard to believe, but I originally had four spawning sites! After a moment of rational thought I realized that four would be way too much. Now I see three is way too much. Two might be the magic number, but I think I will try one next time. I like the Player's starting set-up, I just need to tweak the Undead. I was thinking of reducing it to only a 50/50 chance of something spawning, but that puts too much to chance. I don't want the game decided based on spawning rolls, but I want enough variety in the spawns to make it interesting.
One thing that would break it with only one or two spawning sites is that a Dark Elf player could buy one or two Drake Riders and just land on the spawning sites, BOOM! Game over! I need to come up with a way to prevent that, besides just saying "you can't do that."

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