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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dark Elves Fusion

Dark Elves Hott Fusion list


Special Ability: Pain Touch

Spend 1 CA and put token on unit and if total is greater than opponents than -1 from opponents total.


Airboat X  

Artillery X

Beast  X

Behemoth X



Dragon X

Flyer (Drake Riders move as flyers fight as knights)

God X

Hero X

Hero(A) X



Lurker X

Lurker(w) X

Magician (Army must include at least one Magician who must be general)

Paladin X


Shooter X

Sneaker (if opponent’s element can make contact with Sneaker, it must, this costs no CA’s) (ignore all other sneaker special rules at all times)

Spear (one point for spears and they get +3 in combat)


Warband  (each combat die roll adds a chit which adds +1 to the next combat die roll, after the second chit adds to the combat die roll remove both chits and start fresh)

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