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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fusion conversion notes

BG:FW HoTT Fusion Rules

Link to HotT rules 2nd edition:

this link has all their game rules and you have to scroll down to the HotT second edition link which is a pdf.

Here is a link to a one page reference sheet that is indispensable IMHO:

Next Blogs will be the individual army lists. If there is an X after the unit type, that type may not be built for that faction.


Rather than roll for pips, each player gets four CA’s which may be used just like pips or be converted into CA’s. Converted CA’s are saved until spent. All armies may use CA’s for these purposes:

In combat--

One CA may be used to add +1 to any combat die before rolling.

Two CA’s may be used to add +1 to any combat die after rolling.

There is no limit to how many of a players saved CA’s may be spent per combat.

Before rolling a die a player must secretly allocate CA’s adding a +1 to his die. When both players are done adding any +1’s the dice are rolled.

After the dice are rolled each player may secretly add +1 per two CA’s spent. When they both agree they are done the result is calculated to determine combat results.

Different armies possess unique traits and some of these are also activated with CA’s.


Movement –

Any allotted or Saved CAs may be spent to move an element or group.

One CA may be spent to move a group one extra move if it does not come within one base width of an enemy element or within range of any missile troops.


One CA may be spent to add 100p to any units move regardless of the presence of enemy, including movement to contact.


Point cost conversion –

By converting the 2000 point BG:FW army total to the HoTT 24 point army total we get these values which may be used for Kingdoms calculations:

BG:FW      HoTT

 2000           24

   500             6

   250             3

   100            1.2

1                 0.012           

So a 1500 point battle would be an 18 point battle.


BG:FW core and elite minimums are replaced by the HoTT requirement that at least one half the total elements must be one or two point elements. Other restrictions may apply to specific armies.


A one or two point element must be designated as the General’s element.


All mercenary elements cost 2 CA’s to move, regardless of what type of element they are.

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