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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

HotT Fusion

I have been lately playing around with combining BattleGround Fantasy Warfare With Hordes of the Things. Not because there was anything wrong with BG, but because I really like the DBA rules set. Except that the fantasy version, Hordes of the Things, lacks flavor. The problem is that it is so generic. It covers all fantasy and is necessarily bland. This is a common complaint against it.

To correct that deficiency I have combined the BG world and particulars with HotT, fusing them together in a game I like to call "HotT Fusion." Each army plays differently depending on the faction chosen. Now I have cut out proper sized bases and printed the necessary game information on the counters, so I don't use miniatures, but of course, since HotT is a miniatures rules system you certainly could. HotT Fusion works just as well with BG:FW cards as bases, and you can simply write the necessary game info on them if you wish.

HotT Fusion plays very fast. There is no damage to record as units are either undamaged or eliminated, and this eliminates the slow degradation of a unit over time. HotT uses a die to generate command actions each turn, HotT Fusion gives the standard 4 CA's a turn, with the ability to save unused CA's. This is like having cards in your hand. I have dropped the cards and replaced them with slightly different abilities that capture the feeling and unique signature of each faction.

The next blog will be some conversion notes and hopefully a link to the HotT rules plus a players aid card that is really useful.

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