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Monday, April 18, 2011

Aftermath: The Dark Elf Escape

Drogan Tieden, Lord of Dusk, had suffered an ignoble defeat, but it wasn't his fault. A storm unlike any storm ever before seen in the entire region had brought Umenzi hellfire and ruin upon them. Now, it was up to him to lead his precious pureblood nobles out of danger. The storm had lifted, but even that had brought no comfort, for he could see the enemy van closing in on his wounded host. In the lead was that infernal monstrosity, the Great War Elephant, followed by the goofy witchdoctors and chicken s**t spearchuckers. Suddenly he smiled as the first of the rolling hills with the narrow rising road hove into view. Preparing for any eventuality, he had called in all the markers that he had upon the local dwarven clans.

Fearing the worst, and suddenly seeing a smile appear on the face of his master, Paneer Josh suspected something was up. He asked Drogan Tieden why he was smiling, what thought could possibly have crossed his mind as doom was howling close behind. He did not understand the reply he heard...

"All I need is a pass and a dwarf, and I can hold these clowns for hours!"

The Sandy terrain on either side of the road before the cliff is the steep shoulder of the elevated road as it climbs up to the clifftops where the Dwarves have thrown a barricade across to slow down the Umenzi. I wanted a chance to use the cliff terrain pieces now that it suddenly donned on me what they were! I intend to showcase some interesting terrain set ups for different battles.


  1. Would the Dwarves actually help this jacktard out?

  2. They owed him one, and they wanted to get THAT off their backs.