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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Dwarven shot at redemption

The Dwarven honor code required that they honor the Dark Elf request, but slaying Umenzi just wasn't right. After the battle, they raced to the badly injured elephant and began nursing it back to health. While it recovered they took some measurements, went to the workshop, used a little Dwarven ingenuity, and got to work.

Meanwhile, Drogan Tieden stewed and fumed over his humiliating defeat. Time and again he went over the battle in his head, doggedly determined to discover whose fault it was that he was defeated so thoroughly. At length he decided it was is parent's fault, though he had killed them years ago. "Not soon enough." He thought to himself. Deciding blame was pointless, he began working on his next plan. He conferred with the wizard Olein Vasynyt (in Dark Elven, Y's are pronounced as the o's in moon, just like in Finnish) who had a reputation for invisibility magic. Now his only problem is finding enough troops to fight for him, what with his reputation at an ebb. He finally recruited a few desperadoes and as always, he could rely on getting Lowbloods to fill out his ranks. When he heard of an Umenzi force moving along the cliffs of Krebb, even though he didn't have the numbers of troops he wanted, he had his secret weapon...

As the armies neared each other, the Umenzi were hidden behind a ridgeline, but the head of the Great War Elephant could be seen as they neared the rise.

Drogan Tieden had found some Lash Mistresses with nothing to lose, and a coven of Purebloods whose Umenzi hatred he had whipped into a fury, finally, he had found several hundred Lowblood who wanted "somewhere to go and something to do."

But soft, what comes lightly tripping this way? What type of infernal contraption have these Umenzi brought along this time?

Those darn Dwarves had strapped their Ballistae on the back of the Great War Elephant!!!

Girding his loins, the outlook seemed bleak for Drogan Tieden, especially since the bolts seemed to be aimed at the Lord of Dusk himself. Well, two can play at that game he thought to himself as he unleashed his full (4) 6/6 fury on the Ballistae.

The lines crashed into each other and the fighting was furious, but the end seemed pretty certain as the ounumbered DE found themselves losing badly in trades they could ill afford. Just when the battle seemed all but decided, Drogan Tieden layed down his newest and most fearsome card.

 The Dark Elf Bird of Prey


This was perfidy run amok! The spell description said that the invisibility lasted until the unit attacked, but that was long enough! From the rear, charging the poor pachyderm.

 But alas, the DE line crumbled. Or, more accurately, went poof in one turn!

Now the problem for the Umenzi was how to get the army reoriented to face the remaining purebloods.

The Coven dodged the Chosen and the Lash Mistresses pulled them in...To their ultimate demise (poor Lash Mistresses). And so the battle ended, another Umenzi victory.

But what Of Drogan Tieden, for whom such carnage resulted? When the last Lowbloods perished, he and his house charged the Elephant, having destroyed the Ballistae, but it was a last ride to death as he had only one red box left and the Elephant was still in the green. The elephant did ultimately perish at the hands of the Drake Riders, who then flew away.

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  1. Dude, you are so far out of your mind that I absolutely love it!