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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ridges-New terrain feature

We knew the cursed Dark Elves were coming across the plains, and we also knew that to face them in the open with nowhere to hide would see us get scorched by their infernal magiks. Their was one hope however, if we could engage them to the West we could take advantage of some gentle slopes and surprise them as they came over the ridge, if not surprise them, at least hold them off till we could get within range with our bows...

For our purposes here a ridge is defined as a line from which all ground drops away at a very gradual rate. To represent this on the battle area use a 3 1/2 foot piece of string. This represents the crest of a gradual ridge. A ridge serves to block LOS but confers no combat advantages. If a ridge passes over a hill then the hills still counts as normal for movement penalties, LOS, and combat mods. A ridge can be as straight or as curvy as you wish, but it is best to keep the curves fairly gradual or it could lead to confusion and arguments.

A unit that has any open edge adjacent to the ridge can see over it, and likewise can be seen. To avoid any confusion always clarify with your opponent your intentions. Large or colossal units and cavalry that are within 2.5" of the Ridge are treated as though they were adjacent.
In this photo the Dark Elves are all to the left of the ridge and cannot see any of the Hawkskold troops except the Longbowmen who are between the hills and have stated that they are on the ridgeline.

In this diagonally running ridge The Longbowmen are visible as they have stated they are on the ridge line and the two other Hawkshold units that are on the same side of the ridge as the Dark Elves are also visible.

With the Ridge running lengthwise the troops of both armies that are on the same side of the ridge can see each other as normal and the Longbowmen who are straddling the ridge can see as if there were no ridge. One of the Lords of Dusk is adjacent to the Ridge, so it too can see normally.

The effects of a drought have left this lake bed dry except for its marshy center. As some slaves make their way across the crater at the behest of the Lords of Dusk, a unit of Longbowment has appeared to shower them with arrows...until the Lords of Dusk shower them with magical plasma!
If you choose to play using a blind setup where both sides setup before revealing their deployment, a ridge acts as a justification for this "Blindness." In this case, Carthaginian foresight should still be used to reveal the foresighted deployment first, as Hannibal's ability recreates his deft tactical knowledge of his opponent's intentions, not on any actual scouted knowledge.

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