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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Great Goblin (new subfaction)

Recently there is a new threat from the Outlands. Rumors are heard everywhere of a goblin scourge that is sweeping the wastes and is about to cross into the civilized world. A fearsome (just the adjective, not the keyword) horde that follows an inimical leader called The Great Goblin.

This subfaction is built using the Orc deck. One unit with "Orc" in its name is required and this represents the Great Goblin and his henchmen. The rest of the units in the army must have "Goblin" in their name.

Faction Ability: Taste the Lash - as Orc Faction, except only units which begin their movement within 3.5" of the Great Goblin may be lashed. For one command action all goblin units within Range may be considered lashed. The player may lash some, move the Great Goblin and lash others. Any goblin unit within 3.5" of the Great Goblin adds +2 to its Courage. The Great Goblin may be lashed.

Poison Arrows - During any missile attack, if goblin bowmen cause at least one damage, they cause one additional damage. The Goblin Bomb-Chucker does not have poison arrows.

Crazed Goblin Bombchucker (Standard not Elite) - All Great Goblin Bombchuckers are "upgraded" to roll 3D6 for the number of attack dice rolled, if any two of those dice are equal then the Bombchucker takes two damage and additionally reverts back to 2D6 and follows the normal rules after that.

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