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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recusant's Chosen (Hawkshold subfaction)

The Recusant is a charismatic figure. He defies all Royal authority as he preaches his doctrine of purification. He is carried about on a large pedestal, chained to an icon, beaten and bleeding. His faith inspires the simple peasants and confounds foes.

Use the Hawkshold faction deck. Any build must include a Heavy Infantry unit with a tapezoid drawn on it to represent the Recusant. This unit gains the Fearsome keyword.

The faction has the same courage ability as Hawkshold and the Recusant has the following spells:

Withering Regard: (curse) Range: Battlefield. For 1 command action an enemy unit suffers -1/-1. This effect lasts until the unit is eliminated or Withering Regard is placed on another unit. Only one Withering Regard may be in effect at any one time.

Fanaticism of Faith: (Blessing) Range: Battlefield. For 1 command action mark the bravery box on a Peasant Mob, it gains +1/+1/+1  -1/-1 and ignores all effects from being in the red or yellow, and is immune to all psychological effects. Cards may not be played on peasants with marked check boxes.


  1. So what will be the cost of the special unit?

  2. No cost, all it gets special is Fearless. The rest is all part of the faction ability. It shouldn't cost more anyway because if it is lost the army is hosed anyway (in all likelihood).

  3. Still you give more powers to a unit and keep the old faction ability also? This should cost something m8.

  4. I see your point, but the faction is somewhat forced because a player must take a bunch of peasants or why do the build. They're kind of like goblin fanatics ar even the goblin bomb-chucker in the fact that sometimes they won't be very effective. I'm really very leery of adjusting any point values in these subfactions. Note that the Warmachine subfaction is a notable exception. The other Achille's heel with the recusant is that if it gets eliminated then the major arm of the faction (the peasants) tends to be obviated.

    1. Also, both the old and new faction ability require the expenditure of a CA, just like the HE multiple abilities, but they all require CAs.