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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Runegard subfaction: Frost Dwarves

In the frigid southern pole is the realm of the Frost Dwarves. A peaceable folk, they were forced to turn to the ways of war when they found they had neighbors, the Ice Elves.

Frost Dwarves use the Dwarves of Runegard Deck minus the Antonian Horsemen. Additionally, they use the Hill Giant, the Earth Elemental, and the Elementalist from the Monsters and Mercenary faction. These units are considered part of the faction, not mercenaries!

Frost Dwarves may not sprint.

The Hammermen are considered core. This is to represent the profundity of two handed ice picks among the Frost Dwarves!

The Earth Elemental is considered a bumble (like a giant abominable snowman) and the Hill Giant is considered a Frost Giant, they are identical to the M&M creatures they replace except as modified by the puppeteer.

The Elementalist is a Dwarven Puppeteer. It acts in all ways as the Elementalist. In addition, on any turn it does not cast a spell it may nullify the stupidity keyword, change a Frost Giant standing order, and/or direct control any Frost Giant or bumble within 3.5".

Frost Dwarves never leave their frozen realm.


  1. We should make a pdf with all the fun sub factions like these. Were they not some goblin factions also?

  2. Yes, there were some goblin factions. I'm sure the hang-ups were that thay were portrayed as full on factions and so they languish because they need cards and stuff. The intent of these factions is to make do with cards already possessed by people and just add essentially different faction abilities and rules that allow different powers for certain units, not too many or it gets cumbersome.