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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Solitaire Scenario: Final Developement

This is my final playtest of the solitaire scenario. This is a session report and then I will post the final scenario in a following post.
This is the initial set up. In the center I have Blade dancers flanked by four lowblood levies, all are on Close. To the right I have two Dusk Lords folowed by a Coven who are on Hold with modifiers on the far side of the board.
At the end of turn one the woods have spawned their first zombie and the DE have moved forward. Unlike my first two games, this time I am moving to engage quickly. My plan is to hold them at the woods and snipe them from beside with the Dusk Lords.

End of turn two and all is going according to plan.

End of turn three and the first zombie has been one-shotted after a double flank. If you click on this foto you can also see that I've attached some felt circles to the back of the counters so I can pick them up more easily. The courage test and fear test counters are two-sided.

End of turn four sees the emergence of the first zombie trolls.

End of turn five sees the general swirling melee. The Dusk Lords have finally moved into position and are about to show their worth...

Woops, as the end of turn six reveals, all the action is occurring out of the dusk lords LOS.

The end of turn seven shows the undead trolls pinched while the Blade Dancers are engaged to the side by some zombies. This slow melee allows the BDs to get pumped up to three extra attacks.
The end of turn eight shows the continued absence of undead reinforcements as the Dusk Lords keep eliminating them. This should be cake.
The end of turn nine shows the appearance of another troll as the lowblood levy begins slipping away and allowing the dusk lords some open shots.
The end of turn ten shows a third Troll appearing! At this point the Coven begins augmenting the lowblood levy who are getting six dice, while the dusk lords are trying to do their best without coven assisstance.
The end of turn eleven shows the demise of the Troll on the undead left flank and the center troll can't get off the woods so no reinforcements are appearing.  Both low blood levies failed rout tests as things are beginning to fall apart on the DE left flank.
The end of turn twelve shows that one troll was eliminated and a zombie has materialized. One lowblood was rallied right away and is now engaged with a troll and the other was allowed to rout out of the way of the other (fresher) low blood levy who is rushing in on the remaining troll.
The end of turn Thirteen shows awesome die that spelled the end for the trolls. At this point nothing is left of the undead on the board and the DE are at the woods. Game Over. The scourge has been stopped and the spell broken.

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