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Thursday, January 13, 2011

New subfaction: Ice Elves

In the frozen southern extremity is the domain of the Ice Elves. High Elves that went south, all the way south, and found that they liked it. They developed warfare unique to the frigid climes and learned to travel on skis and Ice Riggers.

Guidelines for combat with the Ice Elves.

Use the High Elves deck, remove all mounted troops but the Chariots.

Ice Elf faction abilities

Precision as for High Elves
Maneuver Mastery as per High Elves
No sprint.
Schussblitz - All Ice Elf units gain +1MC final Rush range and +1 impact hit.

Chariots represent Ice Riggers. Wind powered lateen sailed craft (like modern yachts). May not enter any terrain other than hills, lakes, and rivers. Lakes and rivers are ice covered and treated as clear terrain. If at any time during the Movement and command phase the entire card is on ice covered terrain add +2 to the printed MC. If a Final Rush would carry it over such terrain add +2 to final rush range and +2 impact hits.

Ice Elves are only found in frozen climes, so any scenario with them is a winter scenario and all the ice rules are in effect.

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