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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Solitaire Scenario: Undead Scourge.

Place a woods terrain on the opposing player side and this will be where the Undead spawn. Build and deploy a 2000 point army. Place other terrain, if any, as you choose.
At the beginning of the undead turn, if there is no undead unit even partially in the woods, place another undead unit from the top of the spawn pile in the woods with its front card edge touching the front edge, if there is another undead unit blocking the front edge you may place it facing as per normal closest enemy unit rules. It may Final Rush if legal. All undead have the Close standing order throughout the game. The Undead Army is placed in a pile in this order: zombie horde, zombie horde, zombie horde, Zombie Trolls, zombie horde, Zombie Trolls, zombie horde, Zombie Trolls, zombie horde, Zombie Trolls, zombie horde. Zombies have no Command Actions and may not re-animate.  When an undead unit is destroyed put it under the pile at the board edge and it will spawn when its turn arrives. If all the undead are on the board then none will spawn.
No friendly unit may enter the spawning ground. A unit on Close will move in base to base contact with the spaning grounds and will be considered engaged with any undead unit in the spawning grounds. The spawning grounds are considered an enemy unit for the purposes of determining "closest enemy unit."
Turn One:
The first turn starts with the Player's shooting phase.
 If at the beginning of any undead turn there are no undead on the board the spell is broken and the player wins.

If I have left any relevant details out please let me know!

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  1. an you make a pdf of the scenario and post it here and on BGG and maybe YMG and the forums there?

    actually i think that i can provide you with a map using the terrain graphics once i have some time. Stiil, a text only version of the scenario for further playtesting in PDF will be really cool.